atailorBIObw  Antonio began his career as a fashion industry professional while simultaneously studying in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology 23 years ago.  He has worked for various apparel companies in design and in the technical / product-development sector.  He gained valuable and extensive experience while managing apparel ateliers in the many diverse fashion markets within the women’s wear and men’s wear industries.

In addition to catering to his NYC private clientele, he tailors alterations and customizes for some of the world’s top fashion magazines, luxury brand ad campaigns and A-list celebrities.

“For me, altering and designing fashion is an appreciation and celebration of fashion history and timeless style without sacrificing the craft of apparel construction and its endless possibilities.

Hints of classic decadence in combination with the modern are what made me fall in love with fashion at the age of 7.  As a kid I would spend countless hours sketching and designing for my favorite style icons – from Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Charlie’s Angels to Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe.  I discovered a passion for art direction and both women’s and men’s fashion from classic films of the 1930s – 1970s, in addition to TV shows from the 1950s – 1980s.

My other interests and passions (film, literature, music, art, fitness, travel, languages, cooking, good wine, a great scotch and laughter) also play a key role on my daily inspiration-board.  Keeping busy is the fountain of youth.”


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