Connect The Dots – La Femme

Gala season continues and so do those one-shoulder issues.  Take this fabulous polka-dot dress by Carolina Constas; the eye goes straight for the all-over print but, unless it was custom-made for the client, it will never fit properly over the bust and around the over-bust/neck and shoulder support!

Alterations would be of great benefit around the shoulder/neck issue and over the extreme volume of fabric that can cause too much “ballooning”; especially while in motion and in photography.  Regardless of how slim the client might be underneath, too much fullness in design doesn’t always work.

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Light Dinner – L’Homme

The classic light dinner jacket – noticeable in every positive way.  This RTW Thom Sweeney men’s tuxedo is no exception during New York Spring 2018 Gala Season.

The youthful cut gives this jacket a contemporary spy-movie feel but, it would still require fit alterations to best streamline the client’s torso and arms; especially around the rib-cage and most definitely around the sleeves.  The black pant has a standard relaxed-fit cut and could use some re-shaping to compliment the client’s leg proportions.

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Shocking Infusion – La Femme

The look and feel of any stretch-jersey triggers “easy-fit and comfort” in the mind but, that doesn’t mean that it’s an automatic sure-fit, even in the most streamlined designs.

Take this RTW fuchsia Spring 2018 Givenchy gown as an example. It has a pretty straightforward 1930s/1970s drape. Regardless, it still requires alterations all around – from the armhole seams coming in (especially at the shoulder cross points) to the entire sleeve and body coming in and re-shaped to the client’s exact measurements.

The true ROI of any luxury piece begins and ends with a proper custom-tailored fit, not the name brand of the label hanging inside that no one will see.

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Timeless Cords – L’Homme

Earthy tones and textures are timeless, such as this RTW Italian P Johnson men’s suit in a light corduroy – perfect for this chilly Spring 2018 intro.

The slightly slimmed take on the traditional cut gives it wardrobe-longevity but, this suit would require alterations to the client’s proportions.  In this case, tailoring tweaks around the upper sleeves and perhaps around the rib-cage area would be necessary.  The pant could use some excess removed around the seat / hip level through a blend re-shape down the upper leg.

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Spring Flowers In The City – La Femme

Vintage floral prints are a safe bet every spring season but, the trick is in getting “big volume” designs to balance on the body just right, regardless of your dress size. Vibrant all-over prints tend to add size as a rule and luxury ready-to-wear is no exception.

Take this RTW Spring 2018 Mary Katrantzou gown online as an example – re-shaping the excess volume around the upper skirt/high-hip area, through the waist seam levels, would balance the look to a beautiful custom fit. Additionally, eliminating excess ease from the back bodice and slimming the upper sleeves to the client’s measurements would enhance the design of the dress significantly.

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