how it works

A Tailor New York specializes in high-quality clothing alterations and customization of luxury / designer brand womenswear and menswear.

Unlike tailor shops in NYC,  A Tailor New York is a concierge fashion alterations service that conveniently comes to you and also delivers an experienced fashion designer’s / personal stylist–trained eye to every fitting session. You’re in perfect hands!

Daily life is busy and your time is valuable therefore, the entire process is fast, efficient and only 3 easy steps:

Step 1
 – We schedule your fitting via email or phone.

Step 2
 – Your fitting will take place at your home, office or hotel suite.

Step 3
 – Your clothes will be conveniently delivered back to you upon completion of all alterations

Your daily image is a top priority and, it all begins with great personal fashion fit so that you can look your daily best!

Let’s schedule your fitting – click here!